BEST DRIVER Training center

basing on a huge experience of professional drivers training

The acquired knowledge and experience, supported by an in-depth analysis - resulted in a new, different and definitely broader view of the transport industry. The Best Driver School is an institution that enjoys recognition and prestige on the international market of transportation

Our mission is the professional training of truck and bus drivers. To perform these challenges, we have created unique modern training solutions. We are keeping them relevant and adapted to the latest innovative solutions used in vehicles.

What differs us?

We perform trainings and courses according to our own methodology, developed on the basis of research and many years of experience in working with drivers. During training, we try to find out the strengths and weaknesses of our students, and then, having identified the direction of work, we act in a targeted manner, influencing the skills of each student and, thus, achieving high learning efficiency.
With our innovative course programs, we have revolutionized the training market in the transport industry. We pioneered the emphasis on the ability of drivers to use the latest technologies used in their vehicles. We do not duplicate familiar patterns - we analyze market problems and look for modern solutions for them. We are constantly researching to develop our services. We work with leading manufacturers of technological solutions for the automotive industry, so our knowledge about them is always relevant, and our actions are unique and effective.
Wщave been professionally connected with the transport industry for many years. Our employees are a group of people with completely different personalities who share an incredible passion for their work and a baggage of valuable experience gained through years of training and self-improvement under the guidance of internationally renowned specialists..

More than 5000 drivers were trained in our training center during the last year

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